Our Story

On a damp, snowy day in the depths of the Bronte Moors, the new chapter of our Bronte brand was born. As we hiked over the hills; the former play ground of the literary geniuses the “Bronte sisters” our creative ideas were flowing as if the Bronte sisters were there as part of our brainstorm. As we returned to our little cottage on a high and soaked to the skin we knew the inspirational hike sowed a seed that would become part of our design story.

We are four creative sisters from different design disciplines, a truly eclectic mix each bringing our own flair and personality to the collaboration. Each piece of design we create is imbued with meaning and a story waiting to be heard. The first chapter of the Bronte brand; Bronte Photography, Bronte Bouquets, and Bronte Design, are still creating playful stories and are excited about expanding our design library of modern visual story telling with nostalgia charm.